Welcome to Easy Show Registration (ESR). -Demo Link-

This system was created mainly for Car Show Registration, however, enhancements are being made to increase the type of shows. The ESR is a modular and customizable registration system. Choose options such as gathering miles traveled to show for furthest traveled award, offer a free shirt with each registration, sell additional shirts and/or sweatshirts, sell tickets to attractions close by or other fund raising items, accept credit card payments by PayPal, and many more.

Included with the system is an administrative section. Within the Administrative section, the assigned administrators can view registrations, post payments, send emails to individual users, send emails to all users, view shirt and event totals, and more.

The current system is in its primary release. Features are being added to each release and updated to all users on continual basis. During the setup of the system, if you require additional features, please send an email to brad@easyshowreg.com with your request. If the feature is an item that could be utilized by the majority of the system users, the development fee will be waived. If not, the fee will be communicated prior to the beginning of development.

So, how can you view a demo version of the system to evaluate if the system will fit your needs? Please click Here to go into the system. Once you are in the system, please click the red circle logo in the upper left to return to this page.

Price List:
Shows where 100% of the proceeds go to charities
First Year $100.00
Subsequent Years $50.00
Shows not contributing to a charity
First Year $250.00
Subsequent Years $150.00

If you have additional questions or would like to setup a registration for your show, please send an email to Brad at brad@easyshowreg.com.

Bradley Milbrand
Easy Show Reg

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